“Her Holistic and ​nurturing approach ​encouraged me to ​step out of my ​comfort zone…”

Shantelle Houston

(South Africa)

“I realised how ​powerful a woman I ​can be…”

Sana Sami

(Boston, USA)

“She helps you ​grasp that which ​you are unable to ​see for yourself”

Almine Jacobs

Psychic Clairvoyant

(Hout Bay, South ​Africa)

Δ“Her Holistic and nurturing approach encouraged me to

step out of my comfort zone…”

I had been introduced to this phenomenal Lady after a ​somewhat disastrous relationship and business venture with ​a former boyfriend. Natalie had a unique way of approaching ​my particular situation and circumstance, handling a very ​difficult situation. Her Holistic and nurturing approach ​encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone. Her positive ​energy and love for her work radiated right through me ​leaving me feeling very refreshed and ready to take this on. I ​wholeheartedly recommend this phenomenal woman who ​needs a kick and oomph to get going. Thanks to her guidance ​and abundance of patience and knowledge – my new ​favourite saying is: When you’re in alignment with what you ​want, and you feel it, then you begin to manifest it into your ​life. My saving Grace, thank you” - Shantelle Houston, Durban, ​SA

“Profound shifts and in a much shorter time…”

If you are looking for deeper answers, profound shifts and in ​a much shorter time, then I give Natalie Jayne my highest ​recommendation.” - Shayne Middleton, Gauteng, SA

I realised how powerful a woman I can be…”

Working with the Lovely Natalie was the awakening ​experience of my life. I got to believe in my intuition and ​learnt the basic principles which I have ignored for so many ​years. She made me realize how I can reclaim my power by ​being in a balanced feminine and masculine energy. It was ​like a turning point in the middle of the mess when I realised ​how powerful a woman I can be. I definitely recommend ​working with this beautiful lady whose coaching style is ​gentle and strong at the same time. Blessings to you” - Sana ​Sami, Boston USA

“You have an amazing gift” Melissa, Cape Town, SA

“Grasp that which we are unable to see for ourselves”

“It is with much gratitude and pleasure that I strongly ​recommend your competent expertise to those who need ​honest guidance, to enable us all to grasp that which we ​were unable to see for ourselves. Thank you for the clarity​ you provided with so much love and sincerity”- Almine ​Jacobs, Psychic Clairvoyant, South Africa